Dear ladies, we have been silent all winter long for a long time. SUMMER. He came and made us forget our eternal vows to care for our appearance before he arrived. However, we have a larger waist and size than our swimwear allows.


However, what do we do? To give up? No way! As with all questions, we have the positive and the negative. On the positive side, it was by no means difficult to lose weight. This should be the main fat we lose when we make a concentrated effort.


On the negative side, we have some components; One of the most important, the average age, the other parenting, both of which represent a phenomenal index of our hormones. We look at ourselves and feel resentment when the mirror does not reflect what we might want to see.


We should not aggravate circumstances by eating inappropriate things and in appropriate amounts, but we recognize that the more efficiently we gain weight, the more weight we can lose. Another reason is that our digestion is diminishing or that we have hypothyroidism. Ask your doctor or endocrinologist now.


Today, we are becoming more aware that eating was not the most ideal approach. We could only negotiate our well-being and weight and have children, their well-being and weight, our spouses, those who criticize us, who we live with or who we live with. If you need confirmation, check it. I will not use "all" but "normal". If you see an overweight parent, there is usually an overweight guy because the whole family eats very similar things.


We're probably going to live longer than our parents, even though they probably ate more than they did today when science was just a kid and no special help. At the moment, science has made significant progress. We examine what needs to be spent on dietary supplements and nutrients.


We do not want to grow old, so science is considering and advising us on what we need to do to increase cells. We must focus on certainties.


Women, we are compensated with plastic age. While this is gradually becoming useful and useful, have you realized that people who pay for plastic usually spend more on staple food and poor quality food than people who pay with money? If we want to buy groceries, we could try to make its money and contrast our bill at that time with our previous bills. Did you also know that maintaining your weight with less salt in your livelihood can also reduce the risk of PMS?


If you're looking for food, stick to the edges of the store, where you'll find vegetables and organic produce. When you arrive at the meat department, remember that every protected meat contains nitrite. It is used by the company to improve the color of the meat and extend its life. The disadvantage, however, is that the nitrite-based substance remains in your body and can be mixed with various synthetic compounds to become a cause of cancer. Of course, as with all preparations, we should eat this meat sporadically in every way, if at all, and I would probably not recommend it to my children.


Good Luck!

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