All in all, if you look like me and a woman, the thyroid has a premium to do with weight. I have to share my experiences with people who have difficulty losing weight and weight, feeling tired all the time, unable to be stimulated, and feeling better.


Several months after I had my other child, I saw that I was gradually withdrawing. I quickly gained weight. I felt lazy and in pain. My family saw that I lost a lot of hair because they found my hair all over the house. My skin was getting drier. I seemed to forget things and felt uncomfortable. I was also very sensitive to cold temperatures, I always needed packages with pullovers or extra blankets. Another thing that I did not understand at the time was that I was a little bit discouraged, but I think that's because I've gained weight, lost hair and been dry all the time. I would not want to talk or see anyone.


For a while, I tried to analyze myself. One of my main concerns was that it had to do with my digestion and my weight. I could walk around for food and gain weight. I was interested in two or three diets after my first use and some weight management plans after my second use. Instead of losing weight and losing weight, I weakened and gained weight.


My typical gynecologist was not available, but I was seen by another for a normal examination. She saw something appear in front of my neck. She asked me if I had a thyroid problem. I said no. She recommended examining my thyroid.


An endocrinologist consulted me and I did a blood test and fine-needle thyroid biopsy (FNA). He looked at the results with me and recommended some thyroid medications because I did not provide enough thyroid hormone after my blood tests. He also mentioned the fact that my biopsy was uncertain and that I should go on medical treatment right now, just random growth. It's an extremely annoying articulation to my ears and I've thought about doing that. However, I had to do my part because he had spent a lot of time with diabetes and not with the thyroid gland.


After my review, I have gone through many reports and measurements. It appears that of a large number of people who had the thyroid removed, without being a malignant tumor, only 5% were removed. Likewise, I've found that most thyroid tumors show moderate development, but there is one that spreads quickly and that should be deliberately taken into account.


I concluded that if there was uncertainty, I would not have any medical intervention to evacuate my thyroid gland. On the contrary, I continued to search for a thyroid pro. I am so glad that I did it. He worked with me and revealed things to me, and he did his blood tests and FNA biopsies.


He assessed the results with me and said that there was no malignant growth in your thyroid. It was a big help. And yet I think about what's wrong with me. He mentioned that my blood tests showed that I was not providing enough thyroid hormone and that my thyroid capacity was low, which was comparable to hypothyroidism. Since my thyroid controls the digestion, my metabolism is also delayed. If you ask me the question, I would also say that everything goes backward.


Another amazing thing he told me was that I had a multinodular goiter that is often not dangerous. When you consider goiter, you generally think that iodine is not enough. All in all, it was a different way for my situation. I had an excess of iodine. He suggested reducing my iodine intake, which contains multivitamins! I could not believe I was hurting with iodine-containing nutrients and diets.


I started watching what iodine contained. I started taking my thyroid prescription. I investigated and found the best foods I should eat and what I should keep in check. Gradually, I feel better and stronger and started to exercise. I found an excellent yoga program that helped me lose weight and support my thyroid.


Currently, I am under the supervision of my thyroid specialist and from time to time should simply review my medications. I intend to stop taking medicine together. Similarly, a radiation therapy system is set up to allow the crop to return as it grows larger.


It is important to find a specialist to talk to. You will also find the most suitable nutritional plan for you. Integrate an activity program that suits you best. For my part, I also engage in the search for things that benefit both my thyroid and my resistant body.


Conclusion: If you have serious difficulty getting in shape, still feel bad, or have side effects that are similar to those I've encountered, and you've tried your luck, consider having your thyroid gland analyzed.

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