Getting in shape and maintaining a healthy weight may not be directly related to your digestion.


Digestion includes all biochemical procedures that help us to sustain life. The chemicals and hormones that make up the body's biochemical processes play a dual role: they transform the food you consume into fuel and your energy use.


Your digestion controls the rate at which the body consumes calories. This is related to the efficiency with which you can get in shape or increase it. Individuals do not consume calories at a similar rate.


Some factors affect your digestion. We realize that men consume more calories than women. Thyroid problems can affect digestion and weight up or down. Inheritance requires digestive work.


The higher your volume, the more calories you consume. That's why, as we get older, we need to go to the recreation center to prepare the usual weight. You should not be a muscular head, you just have to lift loads. Muscle consumes more calories than fat. I suggest you use the direction of a coach.


Did you know that the heavier you are, the quicker your digestion will be? The more fat you carry, the more your body has to work hard to heal itself. Exceptionally important people probably lose weight more quickly and more quickly at the beginning of a diet. Their digestion is faster and they reduce calories.


There are a few things you can do to improve your digestion and eat more. There are claims about certain foods that accelerate digestion.


We have to keep moving, our bodies. We can do occupations in the work area. We drive to work and try to find the next parking lot. We go through cheap grocery stores, banks, and coffee. We go home to watch TV. To make matters worse, our food is significantly higher than 30 years ago. My recommendation, move your body. Exercise 3-4 times a week. Start with a walk of 20 minutes a day. At this time, you can add a weight that is prepared 2-3 times a week. Park in the garage and walk. Get out of your car and walk around the bank, the restaurant, and the café.


You can eat more ... regularly. If you take small meals regularly, your digestion will be preserved. at top speed. Digestion is faster after eating, she tries to treat such foods taking into account all things. Digestion decreases when there are so many hours between dinners. Try four 400-calorie dinners. Distribute it over the day. You will have a constant fuel for your body and you will not be so impatient when it's time to eat.


Among the foods advertised to facilitate digestions are red pepper (spicy) and green tea. The fact is, all foods help your digestion after eating for a while. Some surveys have shown that hot peppers and spicy foods favor digestion, but they do not know how much. Similarly, green tea contains a cancer prevention agent called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which has a similar effect to hot pepper.


Digestion may include a section in the weight recommendations. In any case, weight control depends to a large extent on the number of calories consumed. Healthy and sensible food is important.

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